Art From Uffizi to Cortina, the street art of Endless
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From Uffizi to Cortina, the street art of Endless

Emanuele D'Angelo

From the Uffizi to Cortina, it’s definitely an unforgettable month for London-based street artist Endless. With Italy as a common thread, the artist has scored two great hits.

As of yesterday, in fact, one of his self-portraits has officially entered the collection of the Uffizi. The self-portrait given to the famous gallery is made with mixed media and depicts the author with a famous couple of contemporary art, Gilbert & George, inside their studio. An important recognition, considering that especially in Italy we are not used to seeing street art inside the most prestigious museums.

From Tuscany to Lombardy, precisely in Cortina, Endless has left a trace of its passage also in the white mountains where the World Ski Championships are taking place.

It is titled “Powder to the People”, an artwork inspired by an iconic magazine cover with a picture of a female skier, characterized by clippings of newspaper headlines related to the world championship.

Endless started by painting the walls of his hometown, London. He started a bit as a joke as if they were his own canvases, but over time he managed to attract the attention of residents, foreign visitors and the media.

His provocative and radical creations tell the story of our bold and intense world. His is a continuous exploration that spares no one and invades the world of fashion, advertising, as well as the dark side of modern culture.

One of his most famous targets is certainly Chanel, to whom he has dedicated several works not only on the street but also in museums.

Today, Endless still continues to devote much of his time to street art, his first great passion. But his most exclusive works can be found in London’s galleries.

An artist who is among the most quoted representatives and who now after spending years in the streets also lands in one of the most famous galleries in the world such as the Uffizi.

Here is a selection of his works that have impressed us the most, for all the others just visit his website, here.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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