Vinilica Vol. 25 – Giaime

Giulia Pacciardi · 6 years ago
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A career that began at the age of 16, an EP published with Universal, the constant confrontation with the monster of age, a setback that saw him disappear from a scene that he had conquered without too much problem.

Giaime, the rapper with a career characterized by many up-and-downs, has returned reminding to every one of the reasons for his success.
His last track, Sesso tutta la vita, produced by Andry The Hitmaker, underlines once again his versatility as an artist, capable to deal with different rhythms and sounds.

The playlist he has created for us includes some of his songs but also those of artists such as Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, Cardi B, Future and The Weeknd.

We also asked him why he had chosen these songs and he replied as follows:

“Music has added value when you give it a price. When everything is free it’s all taken for granted and demanded, Spotify could help to restore a minimum of value to the songs composed by the artists of the moment and not. In this playlist I’ve put everything I’m listening to in the last two weeks, my vision of the moment, I hope can make discover something new to anyone who understood us on”.


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Vinilica Vol. 25 – Giaime
Vinilica Vol. 25 – Giaime
Vinilica Vol. 25 – Giaime
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