Vinilica Vol.32 – Typo Clan

Claudia Maddaluno · 2 years ago

Previously on “Vinilica”, we listened to the super fizzy playlist curated by DOLA, rising star in Undamento label, who released the new video for Supermercato last Friday.

On this week’s episode, you can listen to the cool Vinilica selection made by a music duo you should keep an eye on this year. We’re talking about Daniel Pasotti and Manuel Bonetti, better known as Typo Clan: their production mixes rap, funky and neo-soul with world music, working on a cross-genre sound that really satisfies your ears.

Last Friday, Typo Clan released the new video for the super seductive track SUCK MY OH!, produced by Bruno Belissimo and Mario Conte.

Let’s listen to their playlist while we wait for Typo Clan’s follow-up to 2018’s Standard Cream.

In this playlist, we tried to create a path by collecting the last year of listening, especially during our road trips. They are all different pieces from which derives the aesthetic sound of the Clan.

Vinilica Vol.32 – Typo Clan
Vinilica Vol.32 – Typo Clan
Vinilica Vol.32 – Typo Clan
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