Vinilica Vol. 36 – maggio

Claudia Maddaluno · 1 year ago
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maggio is not the month that is driving you crazy this year, but a Roman rapper of Asian origins who is part of Klen Sheet crew and has just released his debut EP called “Manuale di sopravvivenza per fiati corti”.

Anticipated by some lyric videos and visuals focused on a quiet urban everyday life in Milan, the EP contains five tracks that mix bedroom freestyle with a most reflective emo-rap.

We are sure that he will make you crazy just as May is doing, with the only difference that you will love the rapper while we are not really sure you will be able to make peace with the fact that May is the new February.

However, maggio (the rapper) also made you a playlist with songs that influenced his and his crew’s music.

Without zteph the songs we made would not be dressed this way. So we both chose a bunch of songs that have accompanied us and influenced us both in terms of sound and writing. There are songs that have formed us even before we thought of doing an EP together, with which we have faced the phases of our life in the respective hometowns and then in Milan. There are various genres that make up what we try to express in our music. In a certain sense we expose in our own way the music we loved and the genres we are still passionate about“.

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Vinilica Vol. 36 – maggio
Vinilica Vol. 36 – maggio
Vinilica Vol. 36 – maggio
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