Photography “Water Geomaids”, synchronised swimming seen from above
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“Water Geomaids”, synchronised swimming seen from above

Giulia Guido

Brad Walls, the award-winning aerial photographer and named one of the Most Influential Aerial Photographers of 2019-2020, is always a guarantee. We talked about him for the first time when we discovered his photographic series Pools From Above and he continued to fascinate us with his project Ballerine de l’air.
Now he is back with a work that seems to combine the two just mentioned: the intense blue of swimming pools blends with the delicacy of dance movements in “Water Geomaids”, a photographic series that offers a unique perspective on synchronised swimming

Waiting to see the national synchronised swimming teams compete at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, Brad Walls shot a Sydney team choreographed by former athlete Katrina Ann.

After exploring tennis, diving and ballet, Brad found synchronised swimming to be the perfect sport for his photography. Synchronised swimming is all about symmetry, coordination and perfect choreography. The bodies of the athletes create shapes that resemble origami flowers floating on water. 

As always, Brad Walls’ shots allow us to fully appreciate and discover something we think we know, but have always looked at from the same point of view. 

Check out all the photos from “Water Geomaids” below and keep following Brad Walls on Instagram so you don’t miss out on his upcoming work. 

Water Geomaids
Water Geomaids
PhotographyAerial Photography
Written by Giulia Guido
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