10 videos you need in your life this week

22 March 2019

Your guide to the videos we can't stop watching. Come in.

Avey Tare – HORS

Your daily dose of psychedelia is offered by Avey Tare who has just released his new album called Cows on Hourglass Pond.
In the video for HORS you can see a number of horses you’ve never seen in your life.

Chicano Batman, Caloncho – Hablame

On one side a colorful animated video which is inspired by 70s and a tropical track rich in melody which features the vocal performance from the Mexican indie artist Caloncho. On the other side some kind of melancholy that breaks your heart.

CLAVDIO – Nacchere

The Ground’s Oranges collective always delights us with beautiful videos.

VanJess – Honeywheat

This video slips smoothly like a forefinger on a satin slip dress. Their sound is so soft, elegant, sinuous and has a fascinating 90s patina that we can’t resist.

Weyes Blood – Movies

And now a Weyes Blood-directed movie of which we ourselves are the protagonists.

We are enamored with Movies. Our generation is the most cinematically saturated of all time. Videotapes, DVD’s, streaming… Spielberg…all of it has thrust us into an endless loop of consumption. They provide formative experiences as children, standing larger than life before our fragile adolescent minds. I wanted to take a look into the emotionally manipulative powers of Movies – how have Movies succeeded in telling the myths of our time? How have they failed (miserably)? What is the consequent effect on a society of beings looking for themselves in the myths on the screen? It’s safe to say that they have failed us, but I can’t help it…I love Movies”.

Ryan Pollie – Aim Slow

You can cry from now until the end of time.

Teyana Taylor – Issues / Hold On

I know you’re envying Teyana for marrying the most beautiful rapper of all, aka A$AP Rocky. But… You have to watch the rest of the story!

Mereba – Stay Tru

Mereba has dropped her debut album, The Jungle is The Only Way Out, on February via Interscope.
Press play and fall in love with her.

Joy Crookes – Since I Left You

I swear this is the last sad thing I show you today. But, how beautiful it is, come on.

No Vacation – Yam Yam

So, this is a fantastic long shot rich in dream pop and good vibes. Have a nice weekend!


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