10 videos you need in your life this week
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10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno

Devendra Banhart – Kantori Ongaku

Devendra Banhart has announced the impending album Ma with the first single and videoclip Kantori Ogaku, a tribute to Haruomi Hosono. The surreal video directed by Giraffe Studios opens with a shot of a pony walking in a room and has its climax when a dominatrix vomits yellow paint on Devendra’s face.

Metronomy – Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Summer is back, the ice creams are back and our favorite taste “Metronomy” too.

Cautious Clay – SIDEWINDER

We love the neon lights as well as we love Cautious Clay.

Frankie Cosmos – Windows

Frankie Cosmos have announced a new record called Close It Quietly out September 6. The 21-track album includes the first single Windows which is out now with a videoclip that shows the typical day of two friends in New York.

SPZ – Nubi

SPZ is the latest addition to Undamento Family. He has already published the EP titled Quattro and this is the video for Nubi in which he plays in a hammock or among flamingos wearing very crazy shirts.

Lucky Daye – Real Games 

Last month Lucky Daye released his debut album Painted, which includes the vibrant song Real Games. In the video for the track we are sitting in the stands of a tennis court (or on his sofa ) watching how strong he is at playing the “R&B, style and groove” championship.

KOTA The Friend – For Colored Boys

The polka-dots fit well with the stripes as well as the flow with KOTA The Friend <3

Joji – Sanctuary

The video for Sanctuary tells the space odyssey of Captain Joji that travels through the 80s between aliens, bowl of bloody cereal and moon crystals. All-damn-stellar.

The Garden – Thy Mission (feat. Mac DeMarco)

A creepy Mac DeMarco appears in the weird video for The Garden’s Thy Mission revealing his true demonic nature :)

Greentea Peng – Downers | A COLORS SHOW

The song for your weekend soundtrack.

Artmusicmusic videovideoclip
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