10 videos you need in your life this week
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10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno


“For all those who were heartbroken and drowned in their sorrow”.

Noname – Blaxploitation

Noname released her first video ever for Blaxploitation, telling a story with a metaphorical message that keeps us glued to the screen until its great end.

Blood Orange – Dagenham Dream

It made me wish that I was a skater.

Ravyn Lenae – The Night Song

Ravyn Lenae was born in 1999 and she is a very classy girl.

Xiu Xiu – Scisssssssors

This is a stunning video with a fair amount of anxiety and worry.

Homeshake – Nothing Could Be Better

Nothing Could Be Better… better than you.

Dola – Shampoo

I think you like this mix of dream-pop, songwriting and VHS.

Jaden Smith – Goku

“Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas this year is a new superhero called Goku Jaden Smith…”

Anderson .Paak & Kendrick Lamar – Tints (live at SNL) 

The performance of the week.

Jorja Smith – The One

She’s the one.

Artmusicmusic videovideoclip
Written by Claudia Maddaluno
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