Art Ladies, illustrations about women telling their true selves

Ladies, illustrations about women telling their true selves

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Korean illustrator Abang has made a series of drawings that represent some women telling their true selves. All these works are collected in a book called Ladies.

Each illustration embodies the artist’s desire and determination to be always herself. In her new work, Abang fluidly depicts 15 illustrations drawn in pencil to capture what she considers beauty. Following a warm tone, Ladies is a collection of the highlights of a larger body of expressive women, each created to evoke a particular type of expression. Following a bit of the style of fashion editorial illustration, each drawing draws the viewer to the intense gaze of each woman and each reveals a small glimpse of itself.

Abang focuses on the eyes of the models because in the past, every time she saw editorial illustrations, she was always attracted by the power of history in the static image.

The artist works as an art director for personal projects and collaborates for publications and exhibitions commissioned by brands. Her passion for drawing was born when she was very young and later she managed to turn it into her profession. After working as a designer for a large company in the Korean capital, she decided to do what she loves most and make illustration a full-time job. With a strong willingness to pursue what she cares about, Ladies is an ode to doing what you love. What she wants to convey through her work is a truer beauty for herself. Each of us has to follow this we are passionate about, our tastes and our attitudes.

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