Photography Adeolu Osibodu explore the complexity of the self

Adeolu Osibodu explore the complexity of the self

Federica Cimorelli

Adeolu Osibodu is a young, self-taught Nigerian artist and photographer who uses his camera to tell and express his thoughts.
Although he studied Construction Technology at the University of Lagos, Adeolu has always been attracted to photography. For him, it is an art that allows him to express himself without speaking, he simply needs to document his thoughts and tell new stories.

“The idea of photography caught my eye because I didn’t have to say anything to express myself. In other words, I never had to explain myself.
I never question my thoughts. I just document them with my camera and then If I’m lucky, I get to understand later in future.”

In his photographs he carries out a complex and profound work of self-analysis, he puts the human being at the center of the discourse and produces impactful and inspiring shots.

In his series “Saggio – Heads of my Friend” for example, he explores the idea of the self and the multiplicity of the body. With a long process of digital manipulation and compulsive light treatment, Adeolu Osibodu achieves intricate, hypnotic and articulated images that are difficult to synthesise. His photographs reflect on the complexity of man, the changes of the body and the passing of time, they are unconventional shots that tell and make us think.

His photographs have been exhibited in France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.
See a selection of his shots here and follow him on Instagram to learn more about his work.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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