Art All for the Gram – Zero Sbatti In Cucina

All for the Gram – Zero Sbatti In Cucina

Giulia Guido

Don’t start wrinkling your nose, save the speeches about the quality of the food and don’t try to say that something like this you would never eat. We know that’s not true and, in fact, we know you did, just like the rest of us and that’s why Zero Sbatti In Cucina is the profile chosen for this installment of All for the Gram

Zero Sbatti In Cucina was opened at the beginning of 2018 with a clear goal that is to share photos of those haphazard, improvised, last-minute meals. 

Zero Sbatti In Cucina

“We are those of the bags of minestrone ready in 5 minutes, those of the vegan burgers that you heat up in a pan, those of the salad already washed and ready to use. Because that’s gourmet food, too.”

You know, when hunger arrives any food becomes the best in the world and then we are willing to turn a blind eye to plain rice, a slice of bread with cherry tomatoes, the dreaded cornbread. Of course, there is also the queen of convenience foods, the trusty can of tuna fish that never leaves us in time of need. 

Below you will find a selection of the dishes we liked the most, but follow the Zero Sbatti In Cucina profile not to miss all the upcoming deliciousness! 

Written by Giulia Guido
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