Design “Welcome to the jungle”, the green project of Iryna Nalyvaiko

“Welcome to the jungle”, the green project of Iryna Nalyvaiko

Emanuele D'Angelo

“Welcome to the jungle” is the ambitious project of Iryna Nalyvaiko, who thoughtfully created an elevated path that meanders through the forest.

Welcome to the jungle

A different way to walk through the forest, a unique experience in close contact with nature. At the moment the project by Iryna Nalyvaiko is only a render, it is still in the experimental phase waiting to find a proper location.

Welcome to the jungle

An unusual path compared to those to which we are accustomed. “Welcome to the jungle” is a path made entirely of glass, with the aim of celebrating nature rather than destroying it, bringing man closer to nature through the technologies we have today.

Welcome to the jungle

the 21st century gives us the possibility to rethink the combination of technology and nature into new experiences and identities. Unlike in the past, nowadays humankind is able to enhance nature using technology, instead of exploiting it, and this project attempts to demonstrate one of multiple ways this can be done.

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The glass support structure opens up space below, leaving the forest uninterrupted, you will feel like you are totally immersed.
In the hope that it will be realized as soon as possible, here is the project of Iryna Nalyvaiko.

Welcome to the jungle
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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