Style Love in Spring/Summer 2022 by Aimé Leon Dore

Love in Spring/Summer 2022 by Aimé Leon Dore

Andrea Tuzio

“E prima della fine dell’estate, prima che mi venisse questo impossibile coraggio di baciarla prima di andare di sopra a fare le valigie prima di leggere «Topolino» prima di diventare grande prima di diventare comunista o democristiano prima di finire la scuola prima di andare a letto prima che qualcosa strapiena di sì scoppiasse pianissimo le ho detto, amore mio infinito”. (“And before the end of the summer, before I got this impossible courage to kiss her before I went upstairs to pack my bags before I read “Mickey Mouse” before I grew up before I became a communist or a Christian Democrat before I finished school before I went to bed before something full of yes burst out pianissimo I told her, my infinite love“).
I borrow the words of Aldo Nove and his Amore mio infinito (Einaudi, 2000) to try to tell you about the emotions that the wonderful video that opens the doors of the Spring/Summer 2022 by Aimé Leon Dore aroused in me.

Teddy Santis gives us 1 minute of dream set in a context that seems to be that of a small town in central Italy, away from everything and everyone, surrounded by greenery. Far from speed, from superstructures, from “duty”, from “doing”.

The video is an excerpt from the life of a young couple who seems to have decided to live away from what society demands of each of us, who had the courage to take a leap outside the circle of channeled lives and choices that are not choices but masked constraints. 

Love, the passionate kind, the kind that explodes but remains and leads the two protagonists to be enough, is the common thread of the video that you can take a look at below. Enjoy the journey.

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