Design The first Air Bee & Bee where you sleep among bees

The first Air Bee & Bee where you sleep among bees

Giulia Guido

If you are looking for a unique (but really unique) place to spend a few summer nights or a weekend in Basilicata, between Grottole and Matera, Wonder Bee & Bee, the world’s first Airbnb where you can sleep surrounded by swarms of bees, has recently opened. 

The microarchitecture designed to accommodate two guests at a time was designed by Italian artist Davide Tagliabue aka Metrocubo for the owner and host Rocco Filomeno. Nestled among olive trees, the small cottage almost entirely built of wood consists of a single room in which two single beds find their place. All-around and even on the roof are 9 apiaries housing a total of 1 million bees. 

This might seem like a strange idea to some, but bee-therapy is a practice now established worldwide and is based on the relaxing effect produced by the buzzing of bees. Ready to book the world’s first Air Bee & Bee?

Written by Giulia Guido
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