The colorful web-comics by Alex Norris

30 May 2019

Colourful web-comics by queer artist Alex Norris convey cheerfulness and tell everyday situations with irony. Discover more now!

Alex Norris is a very popular artist on Instagram because of his brightly colored and psychedelic web-comic. He made himself known with his Webcomic Name and his punchline “oh no”. That’s how his adventure started:

“When I finished college, I wanted to become a writer, so I decided to make web-comics because not many people do them, but many people read them”.

At first, his comics were extremely conceptual and minimal, because he wanted to appear brilliant exclusively for textual content; later the artist decided to focus on situations in which anyone could identify.

Alex’s irony has won the hearts of the public, also because the colors of his illustrations bring joy. An interesting aspect is that his subjects are never anthropomorphic and therefore can be interpreted universally without gender discrimination.

Discover other works of the artist on his website, which you can find here.

I colortissimi fumetti web dell'artista queer Alex Norris |


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