Photography Oasis, Qatar seen by Danila Tkachenko

Oasis, Qatar seen by Danila Tkachenko

Claudia Fuggetti
Oasis, il Qatar visto da Danila Tkachenko |

The conceptual and minimal photographs by Russian artist Danila Tkachenko are not only beautiful images to look at, but reflect what has been the economic and socio-cultural history of Qatar. It is no coincidence that her visual project is called Oasis, a word that represents both the classic oasis in the desert and the one linked to the richness coming from the natural resources present in the subsoil.

The country’s economy has been modeled on the fossil fuel industry that has seen rapid development over the past thirty years: this has led the inhabitants of Qatar to a radical change, as the artist said:

“The people from Qatar, leaving the desert behind in traditional clothing and entering a new contemporary reality, joyfully accept all the benefits of the capitalist world, seeking more and more comfort and luxury.

The balance between the two worlds, the traditional and the capitalist one, fascinates the artist very much. Her research is intended to encourage the viewer to ask questions about what the future of this land will be and about the relationship between East and West; as chance would have it, the series of images was created in 2018 on commission from Qatar Museum.

Will the people of Qatar be able to maintain their identity? Will they yield to the temptations and destructive attractions of the new world? Only time will tell us”.

In the meantime you can take a look at the pictures below.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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