Design Alfhild Külper’s Fuzzy Friends

Alfhild Külper’s Fuzzy Friends

Giorgia Massari
Alfhild Külper |

“Fuzzy Friends” is the tender and funny name by which Alfhild Külper calls her textile creations. The term “friends” immediately hints at the strong connection the artist creates with her works and the emotions she intends to convey. Indeed, Alfhild describes her creative process as deeply intuitive and emotional. The Swedish artist and designer, based in Amsterdam, makes colorful rugs that oscillate between design pieces and works of art, with the goal of making antidotes to the busy lives we are subjected to. Recycled wool and tencel (made from eucalyptus trees) make them soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye, stimulating a gentle connection that evokes positive feelings in the viewer. The natural textures, undoubtedly contribute to accentuating this feeling, transporting the viewer to a new world, made up of imaginary maps. Indeed, on the one hand, the textures are reminiscent of aerial views, the classic landscape that one can observe when in flight. Islands of different colors are juxtaposed to each other, rivers and mountains sometimes separate them, constituting in the whole harmonious compositions that stimulate the imagination, just as happens when admiring an abstract work by Paul Klee.

The stitches made with the tufting technique are reminiscent of the structure of moss, which lends dynamism and three-dimensionality to the purely two-dimensional creations. Just like moss, Alfhild Külper’s rugs attempt an invasion of rooms, climbing walls, mirrors and covering entire sofas or chairs. The organic style harkens back to current trends in the art world that look, now more than ever, toward reconnecting with the natural world, particularly that of mosses and molds, which in Alfhild’s translate into amorphous forms with pastel colors and rough textures.
Artist Alfhild Külper’s works are currently on view in New York at Superhouse Gallery, March 24 through April 30, 2023.

Alfhild Külper |
Written by Giorgia Massari
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