Photography Alone Together, Aristotle Roufanis metropolitan loneliness
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Alone Together, Aristotle Roufanis metropolitan loneliness

Giulia Pacciardi
Alone Together, la solitudine metropolitana di Aristotle Roufanis | Cover

What happens when the city lights go down at night? What happens in the apartments that suddenly seem to be silent in a perfect sync, someone before, someone after? What hide those few windows still lit in a dark texture that can only be seen from above? What stories do they tell each other?

Through a very high-resolution photographic technique, the Greek photographer based in London, Aristotle Roufanis, tells the ephemeral loneliness that envelops the city at night. We look alone but we are not, even in cities so big that they seem to suck into that dark blue, and to prove it are those yellow dots that Aristotle immortalizes from above, those windows still lit, those still active lives, so distant and yet so close.

It seems like the beginning of a collection of short stories that we can write looking at the Alone Together photos.

PhotographyNight Photographyphotography
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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