Amazon House in a Box, our interview with Studio AMA Albera Monti Architetti’s founders

In the middle of Milano Design Week 2019, Amazon and Studio AMA Albera Monti Architetti, open the doors of the Milan headquarters of Amazon to present to the public design articles and innovative solutions for the intelligent home.

It starts with the two new Amazon brands dedicated to furniture design, Movian and Alkove, the first characterized by a modern, dynamic design and Nordic style and the second by one more refined and classic that also stands out for its exclusive quality.

There are also several new Amazon services created with the aim of making it easier for customers to find and choose products. One of them is Amazon Augmented Reality, which will allow you to find out if your favorite product is actually the right one for your home through augmented reality and the use of your smartphone, but also Amazon 360 Spin, which will help you to understand if the product you are looking for is just the way you imagine it, and Discover, thanks to which you can filter the articles according to your preferences and get advice in line with your style. 

From 11 to 13 April, many design products and more will be on display in the two apartments designed by Studio AMA Albera Monti Architetti, in the Amazon showroom in Milan. 
Two distinct spaces, both characterized by a contemporary appeal, one designed for young people and one, instead, for couples.

Each element will be available on in the special store dedicated to the Design Week and easy to find thanks to the SmileCode combined with each article. It will also be possible to see how Alexa, integrated on Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Showed Echo Sub devices, interacts with all the home automation products inside them.

That you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on anything Amazon has thought of for Design Week is obvious, so mark these dates: April 11, from 15:00 to 20:00, April 12 and 13, from 10:00 to 20:00; the address: Viale Monte Grappa, 3, and read here the interview we did with Studio AMA Albera Monti Architetti, we know that to know more, the only way is to go to the people directly concerned!

Who is AMA, Albera Monti & Associati, and what is its purpose in the world of architecture and design? 
To be the means in the hands of our customers that improve their quality of life.

For Milano Design Week 2019, Amazon has chosen you for the exhibition that will be set up inside its new Milanese headquarters. Two keywords that describe your project? 
Live well, laugh often, love much, ( have fun, work hard). Create a place full of visual and sensory stimuli, where moments of strong creativity and deep tranquility are also encouraged.

You have created two different apartments, one designed for a young person and one for a couple, what are the elements that most differentiate the two projects? 
Different economic availability, the amount of time spent in a domestic space, how to use the spaces and share them, aesthetic sensitivity and cultural references.

Is there a room that you’ve given more importance to? The room where, in your opinion, people spend most of their time?
We spend most of our day working. Often even at home. You also need to be able to relax as completely as possible. All rooms must be equipped to allow these two modes to coexist or to alternate. Also the bathroom, also the kitchen, and of course the bed and the living room.

What importance do you give to the objects that decorate the spaces you create? Those that we find inside the two apartments, all available on, on the basis of which characteristics have been chosen? 
Aesthetics and functionality are the minimum wages.
They must be objects that tell a story, about who created them and who uses them. They must convey wellbeing and positive sensations. That they are “sustainable”: the result of conception and production inspired by the conservation of natural resources and energy saving in all phases of the life of the object. That allows understanding the choices made in selecting certain materials, finishes, colors, and shapes.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to discover all the features of Alexa and Amazon demotics, what do you think is the greatest revolution brought by this object? 
To have the possibility to communicate with your home whenever you need it and when you feel like it. To be able to do it in an intuitive and extremely simple way.
Also being able to choose silence, concentration, intimacy each time you feel the need or desire.

If you could create a third apartment, who would you dedicate it to? 
An elderly couple, with a room to rent to a student.
Co-living, co-working, co-mentoring between different generations, but they have a lot to share and tell each other.

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