Art Andro Pang and his digital enigma

Andro Pang and his digital enigma

Giorgia Massari
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When we look at Andro Pang‘s digital works, a feeling of familiarity pervades us. His surreal universe evokes images to which we are no strangers, allowing us to immediately empathize with the works. In fact, Andro Pang, an artist originally from Indonesia, stands out for his ability to create imagery that is new but rich in artistic, photographic and cinematic references. From Vincent Van Gogh‘s cypress trees to the stairways of The Truman Show, via Hopperian realism and elements borrowed from the Surrealist and Dadaist current. With a photographic edge and a voeristic point of view, Pang creates works with a strong aesthetic impact but concealing an emotional depth.

Andro Pang’s artistic consistency lies mainly in human non-presence. No body, no face appears clearly in his works. The human aspect is only evoked but is never explicit. The “metaphysical” desolation undoubtedly conveys melancholic and nostalgic emotions that tend toward a feeling of expectation. Something might happen or something has already happened. Each work conceals an enigma, a mystery to be solved. Elements such as stairs, chairs, doors and windows, thanks to their strong symbolism lead the viewer inside a kind of rebus. And this is how the artist creates a connection with the audience, delving into a dreamlike imagery with the intention of exploring the complexity of the subconscious and its mechanisms.

Courtesy Andro Pang

Written by Giorgia Massari
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