Art Antoney Calvert’s posters to live better
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Antoney Calvert’s posters to live better

Emanuele D'Angelo

British designer Antoney Calvert decided to create a series of posters, “a celebration of our shared humanity and the fact that we are all capable of finding common ground among ourselves and living better.”

It has been a year of great upheaval and change, the pandemic has brought us closer and reset our collective compass“. Increased environmental awareness, the demand for a more just society and the Black Lives Matter movement, his posters hope to spread some love and positivity in these months of madness.

With messages like “learn to love” and “come together“, Antoney Calvert’s minimalist graphic works are full of vintage colors and nostalgic themes, the posters are downloadable and ready to be glued in your city.

Artgraphic design
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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