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Art is Resistance – Lucamaleonte

Giulia Pacciardi

Also this week of Art is Resistance has come to an end and will close tomorrow, Friday 24th, with a live show on Instagram with another artist very dear to us.

After Tellas, Call me Teti and Vito Manolo Roma, the last artist of this week will be Lucamaleonte.
He too, like all the personalities who have decided to participate, will donate one of his works created ad hoc to help the Lombardy region.
All the proceeds from the auctions, which you can find HERE, will be used for the extraordinary purchase of materials for doctors, nurses and health personnel to better treat the sick and limit the opportunities for contagion.

The last artist of this week of Art is Resistance, the charity project curated by, is the Roman Lucamaleonte.

LUCAMALEONTE –  live on‘s Instagram profile and his profile from 15:00 on 24.04.2020

Lucamaleonte as born in 1983 in Rome, the city where he lives and works. Graduated from the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro della capitale, the artist made his first works on the walls of Rome around 2001. Over fifty solo and group exhibitions since 2004 for the Roman artist: from Banksy’s Cans Festival to the imposing group show Cross the streets at the Macro in Rome. 

In 2016 he reduced the production of public art for more targeted and reasoned interventions, increasing his activity as illustrator and painter, collaborating with various brands, from high jewelry to sportswear, and editorial projects with LaTerza, L’Espresso, Sperling & Kupfer, Gorilla Sapiens Edizioni.

On Friday 24 Lucamaleonte will be live on our Instagram profile and on his profile and will work on an ad hoc artwork that, as soon as finished, will be auctioned on 32auctions where he will stay until May 8th.

Artartisresistancestreet art
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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