STD: Backstage Diaries exhibition at adidas Originals Flagship Store in Milan

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The second part of the photographic retrospective signed by Bogdan Plakov and Francis Delacroix will be in exhibit from 10th to 14th December at adidas Flagship Store in Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 11, Milan.

6 December 2018

After the event in Santeria, launched the last November 20th, Bogdan Plakov and Francis Delacroix aka Chill Days and Young Goats are back with the project Backstage Diaries to tell all that happened in the most intimate and hidden moments of Milan Music Week.

The two photographers and art directors have immortalized and told, through 7 artworks realized with collage and mixed media techniques, the reality of the artists belonging to contemporary Italian music scene. Scraps stolen from interviews, passions, future projects, doubts and dreams accompany portraits and photographs of those moments the artists are used to spend only by themselves or with who is always by their side.

Following the success of the first photographic retrospective, the second part of the two young creatives’ work lands on the  walls od adidas Originals Flagship Store in Milan, in Via Alessio di Tocqueville 11, and will be visible everyday from 10th to 14th December from 10am to 8pm.

Backstage Diaries flagship | 3 Backstage Diaries flagship | 1 Backstage Diaries flagship | 2


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