Belorado is the new canvas by NeSpoon and Regue Fernàndez

26 August 2019

The two street artists study the traditions of the place to give a new face to Belorado that comes to life between lace and traditional lace.

Two street artists – NeSpoon and Regue Fernàndez – have brought their work to the facades of the houses of a small town in northern Spain, to convey a sense of community and local traditions, all thanks to a neighboring cultural organization, StARTer. Belorado, the town in question, has about 2,100 inhabitants and is rich in culture and things to tell, so the two artists have studied the history and the result were eight buildings around the central square, decorated with lace and giga-sized lace.

Plaza de San Nicolás is a very important point of reference for the women of the place because here you play bolo beliforano, a typical game, very similar to bowling, which play, in fact, only women.
NeSpoon – of which we have already spoken before – began his research, spending a lot of time in the homes of the locals, studying carefully the traditional lace. This is how these motifs came to life and animated the central square of Belorado.

Fernandez has instead done careful photographic research related to the game. He has developed a work of art that refers to a photograph from 1917 – the oldest tangible evidence of the game – that shows women taking care of their offspring while participating in a game.

The square has literally come to life and to celebrate it, the citizens have invaded it and the women have taken part in a tournament of bolus beliforano, demonstrating once again that over time have been able to juggle between pleasure and care of the family.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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