Quasi, Ronnie Van Hout’s latest disturbing work

23 August 2019

Ronnie Van Hout exhibits his latest work. A disturbing giant hand on the roof of the Wellington City Gallery in New Zealand.

Ronnie Van Hout, an artist from Melbourne, creates works that portray disturbing subjects, sculptures of considerable size that mix parts of the human body with domestic objects chosen almost at random. His latest creation is perhaps one of the most disturbing and frightening ever made.

The hybrid hand “Quasi“, about 5 meters high, is located on the roof of the Wellington City Gallery in New Zealand. The artist has created the subject through scans of his own hand, on which his face is imprinted on the palm and calls it “partial self-portrait”. The work was originally installed in his hometown after the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch.

Needless to say, the reactions of the spectators were quite mixed, some of whom have not missed an opportunity to report their opinion on the social describing it as “horrible” and “monstrous”, it is not surprising that some of them have caused nightmares.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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