All you need to know about the Black Mirror Christmas episode, Bandersnatch

27 December 2018

Black Mirror, the famous Netflix series, returns with a Christmas special coming out on December 28th. Find out everything you need to know about it.

The new Christmas special of the famous Black Mirror dystopic Netflix‘s series, Bandersnatch, was created along the lines of the previous White Christmas of 2014, starring Jon Hamm. It seems that what was supposed to be just an episode, is actually a real film.

The special will be an interactive project with a total duration of 312 minutes, to be combined with 90-minute groups in which the user can choose in which direction to make history go, as we had announced here.

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sulla puntata di Black Mirror del 28 dicembre |

But what will the special talk about?

On the plot, we know that tells the story of a young programmer who creates a video game from a fantasy novel, but then the reality and the virtual element will begin to blend. The name Bandersnatch refers to one of the disturbing creatures encountered by Alice, in the sequel to the wonderland, or “Alice through the Mirror” (1872) and that we also find in Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, of 2010. Citing Lewis Carrol it seems that the beast is:

“A long-necked creature that smacks its jaws, it’s fierce and it’s incredibly fast.”

Another rumor is about the setting and the context in which the episode will take place: it seems that the producers, in the wake of the success of episodes like San Junipero, have chosen the magic of the ’80s to talk about Christmas, of course. in perfect Black Mirror’s style.

We just have to wait for December 28th, finally tomorrow.


Black Mirror: preparati allo speciale natalizio del 28 dicembre! |


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