Brand Identity, Sample_ness’ editorial tha deals with the issue of identity

23 April 2018

Sample_ness is a platform dedicated to the research and sale of streetwear brand samples, unique garments that would otherwise be devalued or destroyed.

Sample_ness,the streetwear platform born from Alessio Pomioli’s creative mind, continues to investigate and experiment through a new photographic and video editorial, in which he reflects on the concept of Brand Identity and Personal Identity.
What has been lost, what has been achieved and what we usually show to others.
In a neurotic video, 5 young people surrounded by the overbearing logic and iconography of fashion, free themselves from the diktats of the market and regain the freedom to express their identity.

“Brand Identity is an editorial that aims to undertake a reflection.
The emotional impact we want to arouse with the images we produce evokes an inner slavery that makes us all victims of an identity that doesn’t belong to us. We believe we are a personality that we have actually incorporated, showing the world that we are what we dress, even if the truth is that we are what others say about us.
The speed of Social Networks, communications, fast collections (collaborations or capsule collections) have led to the law of “now or never”, creating an hysteria of showing, flaunting, almost having to vomit everywhere what we have, in any way possible.
We see it on our smartphones, we listen to it in music, we talk about it at parties.
In this editorial we want to exorcise the Brand Identity to give way to Personal Identity, free their identity and shout to the world who we are, doing it as we want. The value of a person is the freedom of his/her identity”.
– Alessio Pomioli

Brand Identity, Sample ness | 2 Brand Identity, Sample ness | 4 Brand Identity, Sample ness | 3 Brand Identity, Sample ness | 5 Brand Identity, Sample ness | 1

AD and Music Production: Alessio Pomioli @alessio_pomix.
DOP: Riccardo Mordenti @riccardo_mordenti.
Baptism @bptsm
Maurilio @kobramulato
Jacopo Rastelli @therealjappy 
Vittoria Ciarrocchi


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