Style Burberry chooses Son Heung-mi as new brand ambassador

Burberry chooses Son Heung-mi as new brand ambassador

Andrea Tuzio

Burberry unveiled its new brand ambassador, Tottenham striker and Premier League Golden Boot winner (what we here in Italy call the top scorer and thus the player who over the entire league has scored the most goals), South Korean footballer Son Heung-min

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Following its collaboration with Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, through which the British fashion house supported all of the English striker’s philanthropic initiatives, Burberry, by choosing Son as its brand ambassador, aims to expand its horizons and boundaries even further.

About this new venture, Son stated: “Being an athlete from the Premier League, it’s my honor to partner with a brand so rich in British heritage. I love Burberry’s strive for imagination and innovation which have been deeply inherited in its history, which are values that I champion. I’m very excited for our newfound journey that we will together develop”.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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