Art Burger Babie Plays Down On Herself

Burger Babie Plays Down On Herself

Giorgia Massari
burger babie

We don’t know much about this artist, almost nothing. On Instagram her @burger_babie account has almost 90K followers and her website doesn’t give us much information about her other than her name and an unusual and super ironic biography. «Born in 1806, Addeline Griswold is the worlds oldest living female artist and has won numerous awards for also being the most physically attractive elderly woman to date.» Undoubtedly, this statement conveys Burger Babie way of being, which is also clearly reflected in her illustrations. Funny and self-deprecating, with a positive humour Addeline combines sentences that play down everyday situations with cartoony and colourful drawings. «I’m not weird, you’re fucking weird» is just one example of the messages she communicates, certainly talking about herself but also about all those who feel called ‘weird’ just for going outside the mainstream. In short, a somewhat rebellious mood that faces life – and its difficulties – with a smile, with a somewhat surrealist approach that encourages personal freedom of expression.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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