Style Carhartt WIP’s Spring 2021 campaign: Far South

Carhartt WIP’s Spring 2021 campaign: Far South

Andrea Tuzio

Carhartt WIP unveiled its Spring 2021 campaign, and it did so by going south looking for the sun.

Set against the backdrop of old French towns and country roads in post-industrial areas, the campaign film is composed of a series of small anecdotes that oscillate between the meditative and the absurd, such as, for example, the one about three friends in a beat-up old car who begin a journey without a destination, except driven by the escape of summer boredom.

Characterized by a slow pace, the absence of dialogue, and disconnected from any specific location, the film, thanks to its static shots, allows the landscapes to embody the aesthetic canons of all mini-stories. The effect is to capture not so much the narrative but a feeling, that of an adolescent energy that overturns the almost soporific tranquility of those “non-places”.

The campaign was directed by Joaquim Bayle and Sylvain Sey, who first met when they worked at the Carhartt WIP store in Lille, France, before establishing themselves in Paris as a filmmaker and photographer, respectively.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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