Art Chicks doing yoga in Lucia Heffernan’s paintings

Chicks doing yoga in Lucia Heffernan’s paintings

Giulia Guido

Lucia Heffernan is an American-based artist from Taiwan who combines the technique of oil painting with funny and amusing subjects. She has always been fascinated by the animal world: her artwork includes dogs, cats, cocks, piglets, rabbits, mice and many other species. 

In her paintings Lucia Heffernan represents animals in a very realistic way, paying attention to colours, proportions and textures. What is surprising are the situations in which the protagonists are immortalised. The artist, in fact, images the animals in human poses and contexts, so they end up reading a newspaper sitting comfortably in an armchair, preparing dinner, leafing through a book or taking a selfie. 

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The public response has always been positive – confirmed by her 122K followers on Instagram – but with her latest series of works Heffernan has really hit the nail on the head. Entitled Yoga Chick, the series of 20 oil paintings depicts a chick doing yoga. The chick’s funny little feathered body stretches and twists in the most popular yoga positions, and manages to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. 
Unfortunately, the originals in this series are already sold out, but the prints are still available on Lucia Heffernan’s Etsy Shop along with her other works. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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