Photography Christoffer Relander Jarred & Displaced project
PhotographyDouble ExposureJarphotography

Christoffer Relander Jarred & Displaced project

Giulia Pacciardi
I paesaggi in barattolo di Christoffer Relander | Cover

It all began with jam: my first contact with the glass jars began when my grandmother opened in front of me a little casket containing what I would have been happy to eat for several snacks, sometimes even breakfasts. Then it became the container of coins, those that I stole from the rest of my parents, those that I found on the ground thanks to a bit of luck. And today they contain all those moments memories, even if inside there are rather tomatoes, pickle vegetables and so on.

If I could devote them to other uses, I would certainly steal the idea from the photographer, Christoffer Relander, who in his photographic series, Jarred & Displaced, which we had already talked about here, used glass jars to capture landscapes.

From a less sentimental point of view, he has availed himself of that technique called double exposure, not in its most recent realization through Photoshop, but working completely in analogue. Moreover, after a first black and white start, his contents became colourful, making the project even more evocative.

What memories or moments would you keep inside them?

PhotographyDouble ExposureJarphotography
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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