Photography 2022: giving images the real dimension’s editorial history began more than a decade ago, in a digital environment that to look at it today appears like “a galaxy far far away“. In these ten years, we have chronicled the projects of artists, designers, and photographers, following the continuous evolution of the environment in which both their and our work was developing. 

We took our first steps on the streets, driven by our passion for urban cultures and street art, but with an eye always on the new possibilities of the web first and social later. 

Between moments of boundless enthusiasm and moments of perplexity, we tried to adapt our language to the digital one and, at the same time, to adapt the new platforms to our style and nature. 

To crown, then, a decade that began off screens and ended on all kinds of devices, we decided to bring back to a tangible dimension an art that is increasingly becoming inextricably linked to the digital world: photography. Photography 2022,’s first photography event in collaboration with ImageNation Milan, was created with the goal of giving images back their rightful dignity and time. Finally, photographs are printed and displayed inside a real gallery. 

No logins, no comments or likes, no sharing, the only thing that matters is actually being there. The appointment is at the Luciana Matalon Foundation at Foro Buonaparte 67 in Milan from September 23 to October 2

Check out all the exhibitions that will make up Photography 2022 on the official website and follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss all the updates! 

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