’s top 10 most-read articles of 2018

The 365th day on the calendar marks the end of a year-long work and the beginning of another year-long one.
Although there isn’t a lot of time between one and the other we make balances, we write a list of good intentions (yes, we all know its end), we think about the goals achieved but, above all, we begin to figure out those to be achieved.
In this very short period of time, a little because of our curiosity and a little because of our duty, we went to peek at the content that you read more on

There are some that we expected would have been in the first positions, there are new entries but, above all, there are those that have stood the test of time for years.
The fact that they are all NSFW content does not affect at all, no, absolutely.
Since this list concerns us, but without you, it wouldn’t exist at all, here it is’s top 10 most-read articles of 2018!

YEEZY x Pornhub, Kanye West is the artistic director of the Pornhub Awards

Do you remember that time when Kanye West decided to be the King of the Porn? I think so because, just as we expected, the article about his adventure as the artistic director of the Pornhub Awards is the most read of 2018.
On the other hand, we are talking about two giants of the web, this pairing could not but win the first prize.

YEEZY x Pornhub, Kanye West | 7

But, please, let’s move on.

Banksy strikes again and wishes us season’s greetings

A very prolific year for the Bristol street artist who, after destroying one of his most iconic works during a Sotheby’s auction, wished us all the best for a good holiday in the only way he knows, with a mural that seems to have a more than happy meaning and that, instead, conceals a completely different meaning.

banksy |

Sorry, can I take a picture of you? Bennet Pimpinella’s portraits

A photographic project that is told in the emotions of its protagonists.
Unknown people who, once stopped by photographer Bennet Pimpinella, offer their faces for a caress and a picture.

Sorry, can I take a picture of you I ritratti sconosciuti di Bennet Pimpinella | 5

Rap scene’s artists portrayed by Roberto Graziano Moro

A photographic encyclopedia in black and white that collects all the main artists who have made and will make the history of Italian rap.

Gli artisti della scena rap ritratti da Roberto Graziano Moro

The new Apple spot directed by Spike Jonze starring FKA Twigs

Could that genius of Spike Jonze not be among the first five most read articles of the year?
Absolutely not and, after making you fall in love with the crazy commercial for Kenzo shot in 2016, he did it with the one for Apple HomePod. 


Banksy sold one of his works for just £2

Again the Bristol street artist, again for a charity cause.
The auction closed last December 22nd, but it’s still not clear if anyone could guess the weight of the work or not.In any case, many have tried and the proceeds will all go to Choose Love, the first online shop in the world that sells real products for refugees.

Banksy ha messo in vendita una sua opera per soli 2 sterline |

The best of the Burning Man Festival 2018

The Burning Man is one of the most fascinating festivals of the moment, although its first edition is dated 1991.
In this article, we showed you some of the most beautiful pictures taken during the 2018 edition, amazing.

Il meglio del Burning Man Festival 2018 |

Uncle Drew the old dude from the hood is going to arrive at the cinema

Even a bit of cinema and some laughter, the irreverent Uncle Drew goes from the small screen of advertisements to the much bigger one of a movie of his own.


Lin Zhipeng’s photography keeps challenging Chinese censorship

Lin Zhipeng is a photographer from Beijing, also known as 223, who takes sensual and allusive photographs to give space to a reality censored in his country.
The delicacy and intimacy of his photos strike and makes you fall in love.

Lin Zhipeng fotografa la sensualità senza censura |

The irony and frustrations of modern life in Octavi Serra’s photography

The shots of Octavi Serra have a well-defined objective, to shed light on the problems and contradictions of our lives.
With irony and optical illusions, the Barcelona-based photographer deals with the themes of surveillance, greed, corruption, destruction of the environment, technology, consumerism, and selfishness.

Octavi Serra |

With the articles of 2018 we have finished but, as they are always there, you can also give a read back to your beloved Francois Martin Painchaud aka Phazed, and to Giangiacomo Pepe, a photographer who loves to represent in black and white the explicit nude.
I told you that they were all NSFW contents!


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