Art A Colosseum of 9036 pieces, the largest LEGO set ever

A Colosseum of 9036 pieces, the largest LEGO set ever

Emanuele D'Angelo

Nine thousand pieces to recreate one of the symbols of Rome, one of the largest LEGO sets ever created.
On November 27th will be officially released the Colosseum signed LEGO, a model that once finished will measure 27 centimeters in height, 52 centimeters in width and 59 centimeters in depth.

The designers have not overlooked even one detail of the ancient amphitheater, will also include the three architectural orders, with Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns distinguishable between them.

“One of the greatest challenges was to borrow the monumentality of the Colosseum in the form of LEGOs,” explained Rok Zgalin Kobe, Senior Designer Specialist. I thought that the LEGO model should conform as a special architectural version of the original. For example, the rows of columns flanking the arches in different styles. To achieve this, the model was built using a vertical exaggeration effect. The section is therefore much steeper than the real structure.

The famous amphitheater rests on an oval base so you can admire it from any side. It is one of the largest LEGO models ever, but you can easily arrange it by looking at it through the arches from all angles.

The Colosseum is part of a collection of LEGO models for adults who love architecture and ingenious design, a construction that we are sure will take you a lot of time.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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