Art Olga Hashim’s delicate and digital illustrations

Olga Hashim’s delicate and digital illustrations

Giulia Guido

If realist style artists are not for you then Olga Hashim is the illustrator you have been looking for.

Olga was born in Russia, in Moscow, where, in addition to developing strong creativity from an early age, she studied Art first at the Art Academy and then attended a Master’s degree in painting at the Regional State University. Starting to share her work on Instagram, where she began to have a good following, Olga decided to dedicate herself completely to illustration.

Her works, which always come out of a draft, a quick sketch that serves to clarify ideas, are then developed in Illustrator and, as the last step, in Photoshop. This step is fundamental to give illustrations the texture we often find in Olga Hashim’s artwork.

At the centre of the illustrator’s artistic research is an all-female world and the focus is on emotions reflected in the colour palette. Don’t expect to see the blue sky and green trees, the tones and shades chosen accompany the image in a game that points to the heart.

We have selected some illustrations by Olga Hashim, but to find out more follow her on Instagram!

Written by Giulia Guido
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