Photography The Dominican “comunidad” in La Spezia, the biggest in Europe

The Dominican “comunidad” in La Spezia, the biggest in Europe

Tommaso Berra
La comunidad |

From Santo Domingo to Italy, in particular to La Spezia, the city where Europe’s largest Dominican community has settled, or as it is called in Samuel Costa‘s photographic project: “La Comunidad“.
The shots tell of the strength of traditions that are kept alive, including baseball, plantains and dancing in the streets, as well as a feeling of collective life that is typical of the Caribbean island.
In the Ligurian province, Latin smells, style and attitude inhabit and streets, which become noisy as if in a perpetual party.
Samuel Costa’s need was to narrate a socio-cultural context that was the inspiration and driving force behind his artistic research, immortalising spontaneous and personal moments, like a family album involving an extended, colourful and ramified community.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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