Photography The conceptual and cinematic photography of Nicky Hamilton

The conceptual and cinematic photography of Nicky Hamilton

Federica Cimorelli
Nicky Hamilton |

Nicky Hamilton is an award-winning British photographer, filmmaker and former art director at M&C Saatchi. After many years in advertising, Nicky felt the need to turn to photography to change the direction of the trends around him and to work on images in a different way, like a painter with a canvas.

His works are thought out in detail and in every particular, carefully studied step by step throughout their construction. Each project requires several months of work and involves a rich production of set design, 3D modelling, lighting, styling and post-production.

Using a highly conceptual cinematic method, Nicky Hamilton designs and constructs narrative sets full of detail, explores the emotional states of the characters and plays with performance and symbolism. His photographs follow a story, are carefully thought out and not randomly plucked from their surroundings.

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See a selection of his photographs here, follow him on Instagram and visit his personal website.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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