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CVTà Street Fest in Civitacampomarano

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The ancient village of Civitacampomarano (CB) came alive with street art last weekend thanks to a new edition of CVTà Street Fest, the international festival organized by the Cultural Association CivitArt and directed by Alice Pasquini. This event transformed the small Molise town into an open-air, free, and accessible museum, attracting street artists and visitors from around the world. The festival, held from June 14 to 16, brought art, music, events, and festivities to the streets and squares of the ancient village, involving the local community and continuing the regeneration process started with the festival’s foundation in 2016, thanks to Alice Pasquini’s vision. Civitacampomarano has thus become the symbol of a Molise that “resists.”

The ninth edition of CVTà Street Fest featured artists from the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, and Greece: the English duo Snik, renowned in the world of contemporary urban art for their use of hand-cut multilayer stencils; Strøk, alias Anders Gjennestad, a Norwegian artist known for his surreal and poetic creations that defy the laws of gravity; Octavi Serra, a Catalan who combines design and photography to create conceptual installations critical of contemporary society; and Taxis, born Dimitris Trimintzios, a Pole residing in Greece, an eclectic artist who explores realism and abstraction to capture emotions and states of mind.

These artists were the protagonists of the recent edition of CVTà Street Fest, using the village’s walls, doors, and corners as canvases to create new and site-specific works with multifaceted techniques in search of new interactions with the places and the community, in an ideal link between past and present. The works left by the artists have integrated uniquely with local traditions and the landscape, creating a continuously evolving street art gallery that now boasts over 70 works by artists such as David de la Mano, Alex Senna, Nespoon, Jan Vormann, Add Fuel, Martin Whatson, Biancoshock, Icks, Uno and Gola Hundun.

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