Style Dauan Jacari envisions the future of black queerness

Dauan Jacari envisions the future of black queerness

Anna Frattini

Dauan Jacari, originating from the world of dance, is the right person to bring his reflections on clothing and movement into the realm of ready-to-wear. With Paradise, the collection envisions a true Afro-American paradise, a utopian vision where there are no limits to expression in the way of dressing for all the characters of the collection, successful gay men.

In this launch campaign, there are those who work from home, those who travel for work by jet, and those who head owned companies. All pieces of the collection are designed to function as empowering garments that bring confidence and style to any scenario, even fantasy. Dauan Jacari’s vision reflects that of a future ancestor – as stated in the collection’s Press Notes – capable of providing space and resources to future generations of gay people of color. It’s certainly an ambitious goal that clearly expresses the desire to celebrate black queerness and very much reflects his background in the world of dance.

Who is Dauan Jacari

Dauan Jacari’s – also known as DJ Chappel – is a multidisciplinary career that starts from the world of dance; his seems like a modern fairy tale since his days at Point Park University when he worked in the campus costume shop. When in 2018 Dauan Jacari founded DualityJunkie, for the future designer of his eponymous brand, it became possible to combine all his passions. Recently, DJ has also expanded towards personal exhibitions, debuting at the World Fair Gallery and more recently at Larrie NYC.

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Written by Anna Frattini
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