Art Doug Aitken reveals the secret of his works

Doug Aitken reveals the secret of his works

Giulia Guido

For many artists this lockdown period has not affected their work, we have seen how some illustrators have been inspired by this particular moment to tell what we are experiencing through images. For others, the obligation to stay at home meant stopping their work. One of them is Doug Aitken, but thanks to his collaboration with Designboom, he found a way to spend time and entertain his fans. 

The American artist and filmmaker has decided to tell his work in a series of videos that reveal what lies behind his monumental works, revealing something more about his creative process and his artistic research. 

In the first appointment, Doug Aitken recounts New Horizon, a project he realized about a year ago. It is a real hot-air balloon made from a huge sheet of a semi-mirrored material that immediately transforms the work into a sculpture that can fly for miles, just as it did last summer when it moved from one place to another in Massachusetts. 

The second appointment, published earlier, is dedicated to Don’t Forget To Breathe, a site-specific installation created by Doug Aitken in Los Angeles inside an empty shop, where the presence of three human figures created using opaque resin and illuminated with LEDs surrounded by nothing, conveys a sense of emptiness.

Doug Aitken has decided to use his time to tell his story and to make his art, which has fascinated the whole world for years, even better known. We just have to wait for the next appointments. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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