Art Art is Resistance – Gianluca Gallo

Art is Resistance – Gianluca Gallo

Giulia Pacciardi

The last week of Art is Resistance, the charity project we are curating to help Lombardy to support the emergency caused by Covid-19, started today with a live performance by the artist Yuri Sata.

His artwork, like those of all the artists who have already participated and who will participate, you can find it on 32auctions where you can make your offer until next May 8th and win one or more works created for the occasion.

The artwork that will be added tomorrow will be that of the illustrator Gianluca Gallo who, for you, has also created a making-of video that tells the whole creation.

While you’re waiting to discover Gianluca’s work, take a look at all the auctions in progress and find out more about him here!

Gianluca Gallo – on‘s Instagram profile and on his profile from 3:00 pm on 28.04.2020

After years dedicated full time to music, he decided to resume his first passion, closed for so long in a drawer, drawing. He began to ink black on white the emotions he felt and from that moment on everything happened. His illustrations reach thousands of followers in a few weeks, becoming known on the web, where every day he is followed by many people. After a short time also came the editorial consecration, in fact Rizzoli published his first collection of illustrations.

Finché regge il cuore, BUR Rizzoli

A contemporary love story in the simplicity of a black and white stroke: uncertainties, abandonment, looks, silences, small daily gestures, impulses capable of overcoming every fear. Gianluca Gallo’s minimal and powerful drawings know how to win people’s hearts thanks to their disarming sincerity, embodied by two vulnerable protagonists who invite us to mirror ourselves in the emotions we are afraid to express, and to follow the lines of an illustrated poem in which to find our tiny universe. In all its melancholy beauty.
The book, which has just been released, was 4th in the Amazon Bestsellers list and 1st on the IBS Internet Book Store and won some awards for emerging publishing. Finché regge il cuore, it has also struck the international market, in fact Korea and Japan have decided to publish his collection of illustrations.

On Tuesday, April 28th you will find on’s channel the making-of video of the unpublished work that will be auctioned on 32actions where it will remain until May 8th.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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