Photography #Draft, Dmitry Markov’s photo book

#Draft, Dmitry Markov’s photo book

Claudia Fuggetti
#Draft, il libro fotografico di Dmitry Markov |

Dmitry Markov is a photographer, social worker, volunteer and journalist born in 1982 in Pushkin, Russia. He takes pictures using an iPhone, which he then shares on his Instagram page. #Draft is a photographic book published by Treemedia that documents Russia, especially everyday life in the province of Pskov.

In 2017, the artist defined his work as follows:

“They’re not just social photographs, as many people think, they’re my meetings and my personal scenes. Each added image is another chapter in my story. And when I’m asked why I’m chasing the “unpleasant side of life,” I say, “because I’m part of it.”

The scenes that Dmitry proposes to us are perfect both from an aesthetic and a narrative point of view. His story is special: he left university after three years to become a full-time journalist and then worked for the Russian weekly magazine Argumenty i Facty, where most of his articles were dedicated to social issues and youth issues.

In 2015, Dmitry Markov received the Getty Images Instagram Grant and his photographs were exhibited at the Photoville Festival in New York. In 2018, his photographs were exhibited at the Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation during the International Festival of Photography in Arles and in Paris Photo.

Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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