Art An alleged work of Banksy appears in Venice
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An alleged work of Banksy appears in Venice

Giulia Guido
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It probably appeared the night between Thursday and Friday, on the wall of a house in Venice, an alleged work by Banksy, discovered by photographer Lapo Simeoni.

In fact, what better occasion than the Inauguration of the Venice Biennale to appear and get people talking about themselves. 

In the Dorsoduro district, near Campo Santa Margherita, (between the Ca’ Rezzonico and San Tomà vaporetto stops), if you walk along Calle de la Chiesa until you meet Calle S. Pantalon, you can see, painted on a wall of a house, a child wearing a lifejacket holding a rocket sign in his hand. The child, with his feet reaching the water, seems to be about to drown, maybe that’s where he tries to be seen in a world of people too busy thinking about themselves, or even worse, a screen, or he’s there to show us a way forward. 

Although the work was not claimed by the British artist, the style and subject immediately made Banksy think of it and perhaps it’s not even important to have confirmation of it. 

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Ph: Lapo Simeoni

ArtBanksystreet art
Written by Giulia Guido
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