Drawing in Ephemeral, the 360-degree immersive world of Oscar Oiwa

26 April 2018

The Brazilian artist with Japanese origins, Oscar Oiwa, has realized with 120 marker pens and five assistants a new black and white world inside the Japan House of Sao Paulo.

The inside of an inflatable vinyl balloon can be transformed into a canvas, but above all in a new graphic world realized with 120 marker pens.

I can’t take credit for this beautiful artistic creature, I must give it to the Brazilian artist with Japanese origins Oscar Oiwa, not at his first experience with an immersive work like this one. The 360-degree experience, that you can live in the Japan House of Sao Paulo in Brazil until June 3rd, is called Drawing in Ephemeral and there is not a most appropriate name: the white wall became in two weeks, thanks to the artistic ability of Oiwa and his five assistants, a forest, paths, a sky full of swirls in a game of white and black, of details, of creativity.

Who knew that it is possible to create a world with a marker pen and a white wall?


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