Dream Further, Nike’s short-film celebrating women’s football

3 June 2019

A few days before the start of the Women's World Cup, Nike launches the short film Dream Further which celebrates women's football alongside a 10-year-old girl and her idols.

With the world cup around the corner, the kick-off is set for Friday, June 7 at 21:00 with the match between France and South Korea, emotions and expectations become higher and higher.
Women’s football is finally attracting the attention it deserves by registering a large audience, but above all, a sense of belonging.

In this panorama of excitement, Nike is still playing a fundamental role and yesterday launched a new short-film full of adrenaline.
The protagonist of Dream Further, this is the name of the campaign, is the little Makena Cook that from the tunnel is catapulted, in the company of players like the Dutch Lieke Martens, in the middle of the field.
To the sound of a “you are not done” from a simple mascot becomes the shadow of her idols, from the lawn to the changing rooms, from the shooting to present the jerseys to the PlayStation led by the wise hands of Neymar Jr., from the arrival in the plane alongside the Chinese footballer Wang Shuang in force at the PSG to the technical area of Barcelona hand in hand with the former English footballer Alex Scott, this time in the role of coach of players like Philippe Coutinho and Gerard Pique.

5 minutes of emotions lived alongside a 10-year-old girl who dreams of the stages already trodden by her favorite stars because football is inclusion and dreams are dreams.

Don’t change your dream. Change the world.

Our Azzurre will debut Sunday, June 9 at 13:00 against Australia, if you do not know where to watch the games do not miss the appointment of Calcetto Eleganza and Calcetto Eleganza Ladies at the Hostel Bello in Milan.
Here you can find the calendar and all the info to participate.


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