Art The dreamy skeletons by AyePixel

The dreamy skeletons by AyePixel

Giulia Guido

We know very little about AyePixel, the stage name behind which hides an artist who with his illustrations manages to make us dream, and that’s what matters. 
On his Instagram profile, AyePixel posts digital drawings that often have as protagonists melancholic skeletons, intent on smoking a cigarette or lying in bed, waiting for sleep to come. 
Immersed in normal situations and environments, like a bathroom or a car, we can almost perceive the emotions and feelings of the person who wrapped that skeleton.

AyePixel transports us into a surreal and magical world, but skeletons are not his only passion. Scrolling through the Instagram profile we also encounter illustrations of sneakers, also represented in ethereal and spatial contexts. 

We have selected some of his works, but not to miss the next ones follow him on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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