Art Duda’s tattoos look like patches sewn on the skin

Duda’s tattoos look like patches sewn on the skin

Claudia Fuggetti
I tatuaggi di Duda sembrano delle toppe cucite sulla pelle |

Tattooist Eduardo Lozano, aka Duda, is considered the pioneer of patch tattooing, a technique that is really depopulating. Only three months have passed since the Brazilian artist started tattooing with this unique style: the embroidered patch is composed of lines that imitate the satin stitch, as well as the binding that prevents the edges from fraying.

The fraying and Duda’s ability to fade every detail makes these tattoos three-dimensional works of art with a unique personality. His creations focus on originality and it is no coincidence that before dedicating himself to the world of tattoos, the artist worked with logos and embroidered shirts.

Eduardo has been invited to tattoo conventions around the world and his work continues to conquer the web.

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Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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