Photography East Ended, Shoreditch through the lenses Dougie Wallace

East Ended, Shoreditch through the lenses Dougie Wallace

Emanuele D'Angelo
Dougie Wallace |

East Ended is a photographic project by Dougie Wallace on the gentrification process underway in London. Direct and outspoken, the Scottish photographer through his shots denounces the reality and excesses of Shoreditch. Evocative and provocative images shed light on what is happening, a sort of protest against the expensive real estate that has been afflicting the area for years.
But that’s not all, he documents the changing story told on the walls of this neighborhood and points out that before it became a recognized urban art form, graffiti was synonymous with the degradation that minimized the values of the surrounding properties.

The spray-painted walls now emanate an implicit authenticity and become a prey for the many buyers, the most famous fashion houses have concentrated a lot with advertising in the East End, attracting the attention of many fans. Gucci, for example, in London and Milan, has designed and then painted the entire facades of large buildings.
The transformation of London’s East End from urban decay to fashion is the ultimate example of the power of art to regenerate a neighborhood to make it attractive to the emerging creative class.

Dougie Wallace with biting shots also captured the work of many successful artists, including Ben Eine, a famous creative from the British capital with a distinct typographic style on the walls.
Every detail perceived by the camera can be interpreted as both an art form and a call to arms. A harsh style that has always distinguished him and now as a Shoreditch inhabitant, spokesman for a complex but profound protest about the social and other changes that are taking place in London.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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