Art Parma 360 Festival: Everything You Need to Know

Parma 360 Festival: Everything You Need to Know

Giorgia Massari
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HOMO DEUS is the keyword of the eighth edition of PARMA 360 Festival of Contemporary Creativity, which opened last weekend in Parma and runs until May 19. The two curators Chiara Canali and Camilla Mineo investigate the techno-scientific advances that human beings are making, reasoning on Yuval Noah Harari’s essay HOMO DEUS. A Brief History of the Future. The text reflects on the end of Homo Sapiens in favor of Homo Deus, who is none other than the man of today, creator of robotics, biotechnology, genetic engineering and Artificial Intelligence. The latter in particular is explored extensively in artistic terms in one of the exhibitions that make up the widespread festival. It is The Work of Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, curated by Chiara Canali, Rebecca Pedrazzi and Davide Sarchioni on the second floor of Palazzo Pigorini. But let’s find out below all the must-see stops in our opinion.

Emanuele Giannelli

Humanoid – Emanuele Giannelli (Chiesa sconsacrata di San Ludovico)

Artist Emanuele Giannelli‘s solo exhibition curated by Camilla Mineo is perhaps the example that best explains the festival’s theme. The exhibition, inside the deconsecrated Church of San Ludovico, features a selection of several sculptures that are disturbing in their veracity. Giannelli creates works that explore the relationship between humanity and technology in a futuristic, dystopian context. The bodies depicted are transformed into hybrid entities, equipped with technological prosthetics that distance them from reality. The artist paints a virtual world dominated by technological progress and artificial intelligence, which has challenged fundamental concepts of identity. His works evoke apocalyptic and sci-fi scenarios, depicting an alienated and homogenized humanity marked by serial numbers on their chests. Also not to be missed is the monumental sculpture Mr. Arbitrium, more than five meters high, which supports the Church of San Francesco del Prato.

Piero Gilardi

Survival by Piero Gilardi (Palazzo Pigorini, piano nobile)

Piero Gilardi’s exhibition Survival at Palazzo Pigorini celebrates the Arte Povera artist, known for his ecological commitment and research on interactivity in art. Curated by Chiara Canali, the exhibition presents some 20 works, including the famous “Nature Carpets,” inviting the public to reflect on the relationship between man, nature and technology. Gilardi uses technology to actively engage viewers, promoting a dialogue about the environment and the survival of the planet. The exhibition offers an opportunity to explore Gilardi’s contribution not only as an artist but also as a cultural activist.

Andrea Crespi

L’opera d’arte nell’epoca dell’Intelligenza Artificiale, collective exhibition (Palazzo Pigorini, second floor + Torrione Visconteo)

The exhibition on the second floor of Palazzo Pigorini is the first group exhibition of Italian artists dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, curated by Chiara Canali, Rebecca Pedrazzi and Davide Sarchioni. The exhibition explores how AI is influencing contemporary artistic production, highlighting video works, immersive projects and digital artwork created by twenty artists using AI as a creative tool. Themes such as nature, humanity and technology are explored through the use of GANs and generative algorithms, creating new aesthetic languages in digital art. The exhibition also includes an exhibition section at the Visconti Tower, featuring immersive video installations by artists such as Luca Pozzi, Kamilia Kard and Lino Strangis. The publication of a book-catalogue dedicated to the project and the presence of the digital twin in the Metaverse on Spatial further enrich the artistic experience offered by the exhibition.

Bianca Bagnarelli

The Space Between, collective illustration exhibition (Laboratorio aperto del Complesso di San Paolo)

Parma 360 also includes illustration. We are talking about The Space Between exhibition featuring the works of four contemporary illustrators Emiliano Ponzi, Bianca Bagnarelli, Antonio Pronostico and Manfredi Ciminale. Curated by Federico Cano Correa of Galleria Caracol, the exhibition sees these artists dialoguing with each other for the first time. In an age when artificial intelligence can be confused with human work, the illustrators become silent storytellers, creating works that invite the viewer to reflect and grasp their deeper meaning. Ponzi, known for his recognizable digital style, exhibits internationally renowned editorial work, while Bagnarelli shows his talent in comics and illustration, influenced by the contemporary American scene. Pronostico, with his traditional technique, and Ciminale, with an eclectic approach that addresses environmental themes, complete the exhibition with works ranging from pencil to acrylic, offering a diverse and fascinating view of contemporary illustration.

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Written by Giorgia Massari
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